My business coach asked me to journal a response to this question:

“What price have I not been willing to pay to get what I want?”

My answer startled me. I realized I haven’t been willing to be seen as “a problem.”

You see, in my young adulthood, I was overly lectured for being too direct and blunt with people. I interpreted this advice to mean that who I was or how I showed up in the world was a problem.

To achieve and succeed in the workplace, I was mentored to have more tact and to dress up my opinion so that it would be more palatable to others. After 10 years of practicing this approach, it became my default way of being.

Why is this currently an issue to getting what I want?

Well, in business, people want the real authentic you! People want leaders who are bold and confident. High levels of boldness and confidence happen when you know yourself, know what you stand for, and are 100% committed to living out your purpose. This way of operating or being isn’t always pleasant to others.

Although I thought I was showing all of Quanisha and walking confidently in who I am, I realized there is so much more of myself that I can present to our community and in service of my purpose.

What’s funny about my realization is that I push other women to live in their full truth. This is why I invest in coaching. We all have blindspots, and sometimes it’s difficult to see on our own what’s really holding us back.

So, what price have YOU not been willing to pay to get what you want?

In answering this question, at first, surface “things” will come up such as money or time. But you have to go deeper to get to the good stuff. And I can help you get there.

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  • Clarity on what you need and want from your business
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  • Revitalized strength and confidence to be more self-assured in leading your budding enterprise

During our time together, I will take a close look at the major areas of your business in order to provide a high-level assessment of what’s happening and WHY you’re not getting the results you want. I will also make a professional recommendation for the best next steps you should take now to finally feel in control of your business and get on the CEO path! (This candid conversation is a $297 value)

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