A Black Women Rise member recently responded, “I don’t know exactly what you do,” when I asked how I could help her. I figured you may have the same question. So, allow me to reintroduce myself!

You are an ambitious Black woman yearning for more freedom, control and purpose in your life. You desire to live on your own terms and feel entrepreneurship is the path. But despite how hard you hustle, you have little to show for your efforts.

How frustrating and discouraging! So your insecurities run rampant, you are wrought with self-doubt. I can hear you asking yourself, “Am I even cut out for this? Maybe I should just hang this entrepreneur life up and go get a job like a normal person!”

What you need is guidance.

I’ve been where you are and not only can I tell you what’s missing, but show you how to break free of internal barriers, fulfill your purpose and build a business that matters.

What’s unique about me? First, I’m not a guru. I’m a Black woman who has leveraged my education and experiences to save my life and created a new existence based on my true desires. I have also successfully taught other sisters, who were ready to operate on their own terms, to craft lives of purpose, success, and freedom.

What are the results I provide?

> I help you achieve new levels of clarity about yourself and what you desire from life.

> I help you understand what’s truly holding you back and how to conquer it.

> I teach you how societal and cultural influences shape you and impact your success. Then, I provide new ways to operate that are better suited to your desired life.

> I show you a clear step by step strategy to build an effective “work from anywhere” business in as little as 6 weeks.

So that…

> You finally get in action and stay in action!

>You no longer have to feel limited by your job or circumstances.

> You can create income that can allow you to break free from debt, travel at your leisure, and eventually quit your job.

> You put yourself first and prioritize your needs instead of tending to everyone else’s.

> You save valuable time because you finally have the support and direction to help you accomplish your business goals.


Our partnership is a co-creative dance where you can count on me for something (the results I help you achieve) and it requires that YOU count on YOURSELF for something (action, implementation, and commitment).

If any of this resonates with you and you’re ready to get the guidance you need, I invite you to explore if and how we can work together >>> Click here to apply for a complimentary 30-minute “Confident CEO” strategy session. (It takes about 5-10 minutes to complete. Aren’t you worth that?)

Peace & Love,


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