Here’s How I Replaced My Income Last Year

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After the last post where I got all South Bronx on you, over 250 women read the post, “Here’s why you’re NOT getting paid to do what you love.”

Most importantly, emails and Facebook messages poured in stating that my message was “right on time.” Here’s what you shared:

 “Nice kick in the butt!” -Wilma J

“When I say I LOVE this article…. I touch and agree honey!!!! You hurt my feelings but confirmed what I’ve been saying. “Stop “learning” and do some shit.” We are and have more than enough to show up for who needs us right now.” –Veronica R.

You’re right it’s time to wake up and get to work. I have so many ideas and I am ready to succeed and conquer for years to come. You’re right, with Google and other resources I should be at the top of my game. HELP!!!!! I need to get my business back in order.” -D. Williams

“The email last night had me laughing, and by the end I was in tears because everything you said was so real, authentic and transparent.” -N. Branch

I share this information not to brag, but to display the impact you’ll have when you start walking in your purpose and making a difference in people’s lives.

Here are two questions for you:

Have you started a side business, but you experienced inconsistent results?

Do you believe your business is your path to freedom and fulfilling your purpose?

If yes, then it’s time to unleash your inner CEO! 

Come with me on a quick trip down memory lane:

Two years ago, I started investing heavily in myself through business programs and coaching. Unfortunately, I became overwhelmed by all the content.

Guess what I did then? I would buy another program to get focused and end up right back in the same place. Sounds familiar?

A year ago, one of my mentors told me, “Quanisha, focus on one thing and only one thing until you see results.” You know what this one thing happened to be- revenue generating strategies.

Here’s the thing no one tells you about starting & running a business: You have to start focusing on CEO tasks from day one in order to generate revenue.

Requesting money for my skills and natural talents has been scary. When I decided that I would be coachable and listen to my mentors, feel the fear, and attend to revenue generating activities, so much shifted.

As a result of taking focused & consistent action, organizations and people (ahem, Black Women Entrepreneurs) started seeking me out and paying me for my gifts.

During 2015, working my business part-time and inconsistently, I generated $3,000 in business revenue from Jan-April. This was on top of working 9-5 and attending graduate school.

Then in May 2015, I stepped out on faith, joined a Mastermind, and worked my business full-time. Since then, I’ve generated over $40,000 in revenue.

This is greater than the salary I received as a non-profit executive (Yes, I was underpaid for my skillset, but that’s a whole different conversation…okay!)

Sis, I’m not magical! (although I believe in BLACK GIRL MAGIC)….and I’m not a unicorn. I followed a plan and executed my CEO tasks.

To be honest, I’m still in awe of this massive growth because the bulk of it was generated in a few months.


Are you ready to work your business and get consistent results?

Do you want to build a thriving passion-based business that will allow you to get paid doing what you love?

Then you NEED to go “Pro” and ACTIVATE your inner CEO.

On Monday, December 12th begins the Mind Your Business 7-day Challenge for Black Women Entrepreneurs. Since its launch in September 2015, 500 women have participated in this challenge. ::brush my shoulders off::

In it, I’ll share the key business strategies I’ve used for myself and with my Black woman CEO clients to get focused and stay in action (even when life gets CRAZY!). Yes Gurl, I need this in my life!

Now, this challenge is for you if:

  • You started your business, but the income is inconsistent and you aren’t attracting clients.
  • You have invested in numerous coaching programs and “Do It Yourself” courses, but you’re still unclear about what to focus on right now for business success.
  • You feel overwhelmed and stuck although you are a go-getter and wish you had a trusted mentor to tell you what to do.
  • You’re a new entrepreneur and want to be a Confident CEO from the start.

So, How does the challenge work?

You’ll receive the challenge directly to your mailbox. So you don’t have to worry about missing a day.

For the Black Women Rise Community, I’m providing an early registration and a bonus to those first 10 entrepreneurs who register before December 12th.

The bonus is a FREE 30 minute “Mind Your Business” Coaching Session with me ($297.00 Value).

In this 30-minute phone call, I will coach you on anyone of your struggles. You’ll leave understanding EXACTLY what’s causing your challenge and what I recommend if you want a different result.

You’ll leave with one simple thing you can implement. Today. On your own. For FREE.


  1. Create a crystal clear vision for your ultimate business success and the perfect lifestyle you’d like your business to provide.
  2. Uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging the growth of your business and keeping you working too many (or not enough) hours.
  3. Leave you renewed, re-energized, and inspired to take action & grow your business.

I know how it is to experience information overload. I wish someone shared this information and these processes with me when I started my entrepreneurial journey. Let’s work together to unleash your inner CEO ==> Click here to Learn More and Join the Challenge

I am so excited & I can’t wait to support you in this process.

See you in the Mind Your Business Facebook group!

Talk soon,

P.S. Can I ask you a quick question?

Leave a comment below & tell me: What would a successful business allow you to do?

You have my permission to dream BIG. What is the monthly income you dream of making in your business?

Dreaming is the first step to taking inspired action. Scroll down and share your dreams! or you can send me a personal email


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