RISE Mastermind Guarantee

The RISE Mastermind Guarantee

Show up for every personal & group coaching call and do the work. Implement everything you learn right away to start accelerating your success and strengthening your confidence. Go “all in” and commit to hitting your growth goals no matter what. I have to see that you have put in 110% effort into reaching your goals.

And if, at the end of the first 30 days, you don’t see any transformation or progress I will refund your investment in full and you get to keep everything you learned, templates and all.

Now, of course, there’s got to be some limits. If you’re slacking off or trying to “reinvent the wheel,” then I can’t guarantee a quick successful turnaround. But as long as you’re going “all in” and implementing your unique growth strategies and mindset techniques…I’m here to help you experience a transformational breakthrough.


– You must have monetizable expertise that has gotten results before, even if it’s for yourself (If you’re just conceptualizing, you CAN join the program but do not qualify for the guarantee).

– If you change your niche, or your business during the first month of the program- Congrats! That means you are getting close to alignment, but that disqualifies you from the guarantee. I can’t guarantee results if you try to reinvent the wheel throughout our time together.

– If you “slack off” or disappear for an extended period of time in the program (which this guarantee is only for the first 30 days), you will not be eligible for the guarantee. You must commit to going ALL IN and FOCUS. 

– If you are late on or miss any payments, you are automatically disqualified from the guarantee.

If you received access to this program as an enrollment bonus, you do not qualify for the guarantee.

*** Before starting the program, you will fill out a short questionnaire with all pertinent business information. This form will make you eligible to receive the guarantee. If the form is not filled out, you will not be eligible.