Shenequa Robinson founded Assuage Journey, a soy candle company in 2018. Using her background in the Science of Physiology she came to appreciate how the Human Body internalizes stress, senses, and emotion. Science was the foundation along with her passion to become an Entrepreneur that blossomed into her soy candle Company.

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We all have hectic days; whether it’s at work, or just doing your daily life activities. Shenequa wants to combat the stresses placed on you in a physiological sense. She named her Company “Assuage” as it means “to make an unpleasant feeling less intense or soothe.” “Journey” as everyone has a journey in this life. That’s’ why her Candle Company prides its-self on creating “An elegant soy candle that assuages the complexities of the world with scents and simplicity in your Home. 


00:53 How Quanisha met Shenequa and learned about her innovative business.

02:37 How Shenequa’s soy candles help her achieve her mission of making homes a place to de-stress.

05:09 How Shenequa used her expertise to figure out the impact of scent on human stress levels.

07:07 Why it’s important to evoke feelings of calm through scents so people can be comfortable while they’re stuck at home.

08:31 Being confident in her knowledge and owning the title of CEO.

09:43 Her early challenges in getting her brand out to the public.

11:12 How Shenequa balances personal life with work.

13:36 Why commitment is better than motivation.

15:24 One advice Shenequa has for new entrepreneurs!

16:17 The motto that drives this CEO to pursue her dream.

17:59 How to connect with Shenequa.


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