[Sista in Success] Just Happy: 5 Tips to Start Over & Live In Your BEST

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By Veronica Richardson

Have you listened to music and found yourself feeling like you’re in another place?  No sadness, no stress…just peace and happiness.

That’s where I am today, just happy.

In 5 years I have gone from a person who was bitter and going through the motions to a woman who accepts and loves where God has taken her.

It isn’t easy waking up on your birthday every year with the reminder that someone who was supposed to love you, for forever, didn’t know how.  But it made me question if I knew how to love myself.

“Did he learn how to treat me by what I presented?”

The statement “we teach people how to treat us” is true.

But NOW, I have done my soul searching and am ready for all year 36 has to offer.  I love me, I love those who love me BUT I also am able to forgive and love those who couldn’t love me in the ways I needed.

I practiced an activity one weekend in which I closed my eyes and imagined how felt to release all of the un-forgiveness, hurt and confusion I had been carrying on my shoulders.  When I opened my eyes I felt lighter.  I hit the reset button on my life in 2011 and I am happy with that decision.

Now, I have my hands open to receive the gifts God is ready to bless me with.  As I dance in my kitchen to the music that is stirring my soul (have you checked out the Guy channel on Pandora? It will have you dancing too), I thought of you and hope you are ready to receive what is meant for you.

***Message: It’s never too late to Start Over.  Hit the reset button and go after the life you want.  You deserve it.***

Need some tips to help you along the way? I’m going to leave you with the top 5 tips that helped me to Start Over and create the life I truly desire (it’s an ongoing process).

1. Learn To Love Yourself in Mind, Body and Spirit

We spend our lives involved in interpersonal relationships. But how much effort do we put into loving and nurturing ourselves? Feed yourself with the best. Forgive yourself. Continue to learn and grow and stay connected to your spiritual being. Your future self will thank you for eating a proper diet, exercising and being mentally clear of your purpose and direction.

2. Say Yes where you would normally say no out of fear.

Be courageous. Our fears and self-doubt can hold us back from the best opportunities. I recently hired a coach to assist me in my business journey. The truth is I could have been further along had I said yes months ago. Instead I debated with myself on why I didn’t need help, what I could accomplish on my own and why I would find success my way. The time I spent saying no was time I could have been learning from an expert in my field. I’ve also said no to relocating, starting a new relationship and being serious about embracing healthy living. But what if I said Yes? What if you said Yes? Travel. Meditate. Read. Volunteer. Be Loved. Be Supported. Say YES to it all.

3. Learn to be happy.

Be happy within your current life(style) until you are able to move into the life you desire. On the journey to living in your BEST life, be present now. How?
Do what makes you smile. Is there a place you want to visit? A class you want to take? A friend you miss talking to? Live in the now and do what makes you happy, today. We can plan for tomorrow, but we are living now and should be happy in it.

4. Give Back.

We are blessed to be a blessing. Giving back opens up good karma. You never know who might need to help you in the future. Plant good seeds now by helping others. How?

Teach others what you have learned, Raise productive children. Donate to causes you support.

5. Set your goals and take A.C.T.I.O.N

You want it, go get it. Enough said. Don’t let your future be full of regrets. Hold yourself accountable for creating the life you want to live. Anything is possible, if you take A.C.T.I.O.N.

Need support in creating the life you desire? Join the movement of women taking A.C.T.I.O.N. Download our Free “Start Over” Guide here  http://bit.ly/1pR42fq

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Veronica Richardson MS, CLC, Founder of A Renewed Mind, is an expert in the field of coaching and counseling. Both her personal and professional experiences lend themselves to her delivery.  A Renewed Mind comes from a place of self-discovery for founder, Veronica Richardson.  After experiencing a separation, being forced into single parenthood and becoming a “side chick” to a married man, she discovered that being true to your own desires is the only way to be FREE. A life of pseudo-happiness, bitterness, confusion and resentment became normal.  However, her personal growth gave birth to A Renewed Mind with the purpose of guiding other women who are in transition from broken relationships, failed attempts and stagnant mindsets to a place of self-discovery and learning to take A.C.T.I.O.N in creating the life they truly desire.  Get her free “Start Over” Guide at http://bit.ly/1pR42fq.


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