How to succeed with your New Year’s Resolutions

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The New Year is a few days away. Like me, you may have your resolutions and plans to achieve them all set. However, there is one component many of us miss in our Year End/Year Beginning planning. It’s an important requirement for reaching your goals next year.

This requirement is Self-Care.

You outlined your career, business, and personal development goals, but did you set any intentions around the fuel you need to accomplish them? This fuel is a sustainable self-care practice.

Often, we think about self-care as the pampering activities we do regularly, such as getting our hair and nails done. But a true self-care practice consists of activities that recharge you so that you’re able to function and bounce back from life’s demands and stressors. Stressors being anything that requires you to expend energy.

I learned this difference the hard way.

This time last year, I just returned home from a 6-week hiatus at a residential treatment center that supported mental health recovery.

Why was I there? At the urgent recommendation of my health professionals, I needed the time to recover from serious burnout that resulted from these two choices:

1) I didn’t take a break after graduate school, which was a major stressor for me. For two years, I spent about 40-hours per week completing program requirements and coursework while managing a chronic condition and a toddler. Unlike many people, I didn’t take time off after graduation as I jumped directly into working for myself and serving clients.

2) In the Fall of 2015, I piloted a new service in my business where I provided private coaching and business management to 5 entrepreneurs on a weekly basis. To keep up with the demands of working on their businesses and on mine, I operated around the clock- evenings, weekends, and early mornings.

Both choices damaged my physical and mental health because I lacked a proper self-care routine to help me recharge & recover. Although my hair and eyebrows were on fleek, I suffered from fatigue, weight gain, recurrent illnesses and mood disturbances (such as depression and anxiety).

Fortunately, 2016 was a better year as I set an intention based on lessons learned during my hiatus to “Be of Service to Myself.” This meant I would give myself the same care and attention I’ve dedicated to causes and clients. Despite my intention, I still struggled this year in the self-care department as a result of debilitating pregnancy symptoms that zapped my physical and mental energy.

As someone who has “failed” considerable in this area with dire consequences to both my body and business, I’m making a deliberate effort to create a sustainable self-care plan in 2017 so that I can improve my quality of life. I encourage you to learn from my experiences and do the same.

How am I doing this?

I’m incorporating a few strategies and I plan to share them with you over the next month. Why? Self-care is a crucial component to succeeding in your business. The first resource I’m sharing today. It’s a course I’m taking that starts January 1.

Though I’ve had all these experiences and I’m a certified holistic health & wellness practitioner, getting started with self-care continues to be a struggle for me. If getting started with self-care has been a challenge for you, then I strongly encourage you to consider The 31-Day Self-care Masterclass led by my former coaching client and CEO Sister, Aisha Moore.

Aisha created the Masterclass specifically as a starting point to help you achieve your self-care goals.

How does this Masterclass work?

As you’ve already know, there are thousands of “solutions” available to people like you who are ready to make themselves a priority. This simple masterclass helps you get your feet wet and gets you started experiencing some powerful results. Then, when you’re ready for in-depth changes, you can move on.

The Masterclass gets you started doing something.

With the 31-Day Self-Care Masterclass you will:

  • Get in-depth information in 5 video masterclasses to help you understand why you need to focus on your body, mind, work, creativity and gratitude.
  • Figure out the different types of self-care that may work for you with 31 self-care strategies for your body, mind, work, and creativity soul.
  • Get the background on each self-care strategy in 31 short audios that explain the value of each exercise.
  • A printable quick-start guide with all 31 exercises prompts in one place.
  • And as a bonus, if you join the Masterclass that starts January 1, then you will also receive:
    1. Exclusive access to a private Facebook book only available to other members of this class.
    2. Daily Facebook post reminders of each exercise in a private group.
    3. Support from Aisha as your virtual cheerleader and life coach throughout the month!

It’s Not for Everyone

This Masterclass is not for everyone. It’s truly for you if you’re serious about making some changes and getting results. If this simple, affordable solution is right for you, then you need to act now while Aisha is still offering the early-bird registration of $97.00. Click Here to Learn More

Please learn from my experience: Make yourself a priority!

I hope to see you in the course.

Peace & Love,


P.S. I earn a small commission if you register for The 31-Day Self-Care Masterclass through the links provided. Please know, I wouldn’t share this Masterclass if I didn’t believe in it. I paid to enroll in it before I asked Aisha about being an ambassador.

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