Black Woman CEO: Conversations That Convert-How to Talk So Clients Will Buy!

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Last Saturday, I had such a fun time leading a VIP Profit Planning Session with a new client. Actually, I already told you about her…

She is a former corporate professional with over 10 years of leadership experience, a Doctorate in Management and a Master’s in Public Administration who has been in business for two years. AND she carries a big secret…

A secret you may possess too!

What is it? Her business hasn’t generated significant revenue-with any funds within the past few months.

She is living off her savings and is at the point where she plans to look for a new job if nothing changes…Yikes!

Can you relate?

…Have you generated little to no income in your business?

…Do you have advanced degrees, even perhaps an MBA or certificates in Leadership or Management, but find you don’t know how to make YOUR business work?

…Are you struggling to find clients and truly translate your expertise into a thriving business?

Here’s the truth: This is NOT an uncommon challenge for women in our community. I’ve been there and many of my clients were struggling with this before they worked with me.

During my Profit Planning sessions, clients achieve deep levels of clarity on their Profit Blockers- the internal and external obstacles preventing high-level revenue generation.

For example, these were some of her blockers:

  • Limiting Beliefs (i.e. “I don’t want to sell or market”)
  • Business Know-how: Developing content, packaging it, marketing it to make a profit
  • Diluted Focus: Not working on ONE business topic

Do you also struggle with any of these Profit Blockers? 

I conclude these Profit Planning sessions with this question: What’s your biggest takeaway from today’s session?

“How to communicate for the sales conversion piece,” she said as one of her five key takeaways. And her insight motivated me to share this same information with you!

If you’re struggling to enroll clients, I recorded this short 14-minute video. You can spare 14 minutes to learn how to communicate with potential clients, right?

In it, I show you how to talk so your soulmate client will invest in your services and I provide 3 pivotal strategies for client enrollment.

Check out the recording below…

Can you see yourself leveraging these 3 client enrollment strategies? I hope so!

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Quanisha aka The Black Woman CEO Coach

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