Tend to your heart: Post Election Traumatic Stress

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How are you Sis?

Like me, you may be experiencing a range of emotions as a result of our presidential election…Anger, Sadness, Disappointment & Frustration.

Please know, you’re exactly where you are suppose to be. Often, as a people, we are told or expected to swallow our emotions. However, stuffing your emotions isn’t a good way to heal.

Better approaches are to feel the emotion and express it or redirect the emotional energy to another activity.

After a few days of expressing my frustration through social media, I decided to redirect my focus back to you & our Black Women Rise Movement.

Why? Because your economic empowerment is more important than ever.

I have a few powerful strategies and programs to share with you over the coming weeks. So, stayed tuned.

In the meantime, here’s a resource to help you cope right now.

Below my mentor, fellow Social Worker and past Sista in Success feature, LaTonya Ladipo, CEO of The Ladipo Group, shares helpful advice for handling Post Election Traumatic Stress.

In the coming hours, days, and weeks we’ll experience a variety of emotions whether it’s anger, betrayal, sadness, depression, or confusion. This is a normal response to grief and trauma. Here are some tips to get through the next few hours and days.

Be compassionate with yourself. Some people are sad and some are angry. Let yourself feel your feelings without judgment for yourself or others. You feel how you feel.

Stay connected. When you’re experiencing grief or trauma stay connected to other people who can hear your pain and support you or commiserate with you. Now is a time to be with people who will show you compassion.

Know when to take a break and disconnect from the media and social media. Getting information and staying connected is necessary but there comes a time to turn it off. Giving yourself a break from the constant stirring of emotions helps you get through.

Be kind to yourself. Self-care is critical right now. Whatever you can do to be kind to yourself, do it! Take a walk, watch a movie, listen to a comforting song.

There will be a time for action. First take care of your heart and help those around you care for theirs. For information about what to say to children check out this Huffington Post article.

Be well Sis!

With Love,


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