Black Woman CEO: The silent killer impacting business founders {time sensitive}

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Thursday evening, one of my business buddies tagged me in a post about a struggle I know all too well. Here’s what she wrote:

“I think it’s important to talk about these things as people and biz owners. I’m having a rough time, and I think my recurring depression has been hitting me hard.

I’ve cried and had some dark thoughts this week. Thoughts that I wasn’t cut out for this, that I’m a fake, that I don’t have anything important to say. That the people that like me just like a person I’ve cultivated, that no one could actually ever tolerate who I “really” am.

Even that I’d be better off dead.

I don’t have anything encouraging to say right now about it. I’m still IN the blackness, still fighting some of those thoughts. I know that I will not allow my depression to define me.

I just want others to know they’re not alone. #EndtheStigma

((Note:: I am not in any immediate danger. I have had depression for long enough to acknowledge the self-harm/suicidal thoughts and be able to allow them to pass.))”

Heavy, right…Can you relate?

This friend doesn’t identify as Black or African-American. However, I recorded this response to her with you in mind (link is below). 

Depression is a common challenge entrepreneurs experience. There’s even a name for this dark side of entrepreneurship- “Founder’s Blues”

As Black women, we aren’t immune. Two prominent entrepreneurs, Miss Jessie’s CEO-Titi Branch, and Creator of “For Brown Girls” & #DarkSkinRedLipProject-Karyn Washington committed suicide.

For my CEO sisters living with depression, here’s a personal message for you:

Watch HereWait, before you go, please check out the update below

For the Depressed Entrepreneur #BreakingTheSilence #EndTheStigma

Posted by Quanisha M. Green on Thursday, January 24, 2019

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