This is the last photo I took with my Grandmother, almost a year ago. She passed away in her sleep last Thursday (September 22nd). I planned to visit her in a few weeks once the baby got his 6-week shots (by the way, I delivered baby Geoffrey 4 weeks ago-pictured below).

Sadly, I wasn’t able to visit her sooner due to my pregnancy complications. As you can see, time was not on my side.

This is the second death of a close loved one my family endured this year. Last time, I shared my mother-in law, Gloria’s story, as she passed in July. Unfortunately, I’m once again forced to face my own mortality.

Here’s the truth: We all are going to die one day, but many of us act as if we’re going to live forever.

How do I know this? Yesterday, I reread 65 applications that community members submitted for a complimentary Confident CEO strategy session, where I asked: What is your #1 challenge and what’s preventing you from implementing.

This is what you shared:

  • “Simply blocking the time out and honoring that time. Allowing other things to be a priority”
  • “I have every intention of putting time aside to this, then something else takes me away and then a few weeks have past. I have to stick to honoring the time I allot to help grow my business.”
  • “Balancing my 9 to 5 with building my business.”
  • “Time. If we all had an extra 4-5 hours, would we use it on ourselves or something else?”
  • “Consistency with scheduling and doing THE work versus just doing stuff.”
  • “I’m a mompreneur with a day job and two busy young men.”
  • “My biggest obstacle is procrastination. I simply don’t put in enough time to reach my goals.”

The #1 most referenced challenge was TIME in all its variations.

Unfortunately, we aren’t living as if time is a finite commodity. If we did, we wouldn’t let our jobs, family, and other commitments get in the way of going after what we truly desire from life.

Can I tell you something else you may not have considered: Time is really not the true issue here.

In communicating with many of you, I know you desire FREEDOM in all its forms, such as…

  • Time Freedom- so you can determine how and when to work in order to prioritize time with your family and with yourself.
  • Money Freedom- so you can stop living paycheck to paycheck. You want more income so that you can make a difference in your community and even leave a wealth legacy.

Guess what? Freedom is rooted in your ability to choose. It’s already yours for the taking. You have been bestowed with CHOICE Freedom as our ancestors fought hard for us to have it.

So yes, you currently have the POWER to control your time & create your reality. Now, you just need to learn how to do it.

To harness your power: First, you have to make a firm decision to do it. Second, you have to take action. That’s it!


I know it’s sounds simple, but it’s such a challenge for many of my clients. This is usually the area where I have to dish out some tough love and put on my “Coach Q” hat because TIME is the surface issue.

There exist underlying reasons why you aren’t making time for what you want, such as fear, unchecked self-criticism, internalized inferiority complex, lack of faith, etc.

Once you address these issues, you will honor the time you allotted for yourself & your business.

If you truly want to do work you’re passionate about….

If you truly want to fulfill your purpose and the calling on your life…

If you truly want to leave a legacy for your family and children…

(And in this lifetime…)

You have to do the deep work and the self-exploration necessary to get at the core problems. And you don’t have to do this alone, let me help you.

Click here to watch today’s training video where I teach effective strategies to combat these undercover barriers and share how to implement like a BOSS!

Until next timeLive Fiercely!


P.S. Comment below and tell me: What do you feel is REALLY holding you back?
You have my permission to be brutally honest with yourself. Name it so you can face it.
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P.P.S. Here is my little snookums, Geoffrey




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