Business Therapist, Seneca Williams, MA, LMHC, CPC

Tell me: Are you struggling to go ALL in to build your business?

Starting a business is one of the most rewarding experiences you’ll ever have, but entrepreneurship can go from exciting to scary real quick!

This is where your mindset matters…because “Business Anxiety” can keep you stuck on start-up.

Do you get nervous sharing your business?

Feel like you’re not good enough or worthy?

Start feeling down when you don’t see results or feel support? 

Impostor Syndrome, Social Media Anxiety and Business Burnout are REAL!

These are psychological syndromes, which are not as serious as a mental health disorder but can definitely sabotage your success.

Learning to shift from the passive thinking of a marginalized employee to an empowered Black Woman CEO, requires an intentional plan for developing a growth mindset.

Our Black Woman CEO Coach & Business Therapist, Seneca Williams, will be supporting YOU- our clients and community members- with breaking through the mindset challenges sabotaging your success and helping to strengthen your confidence in business.

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About Seneca Williams

Seneca Williams, LMHC, CPC- Therapist and Coach- is the Founder of the premier membership network for women to address entrepreneurship and emotional wellness.

The Conquer Network was birthed when she realized the distinct connection between an entrepreneur’s success to her emotional wellness and mindset, which is not addressed in traditional business coaching.

She helps women entrepreneurs build their confidence, improve their emotions, and improve their productivity as an entrepreneur. In the Conquer Network, entrepreneurs gain strategies on personal growth and entrepreneurship from industry experts.

In 2009, Seneca took a courageous leap to change careers from law to psychology, at the age of 28, while raising a precious 3-year-old girl. People told her it would be hard. She was older than many of her classmates and had less time as well as resources. But she overcame anxiety, depression, and the challenges of being a single mother. Seneca was able to turn her career into the established online business it is today.

As a mental health advocate, Seneca donates her time to mental health causes. She also speaks and writes to promote mental wellness for professionals and entrepreneurs.


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