Black Woman CEO: It’s time to stop questioning- “Who am I to do this?”

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Hey there beautiful,

It was a warm sunny afternoon in New Orleans when she asked me a small question with a big answer:

“What are you doing, that I’m not doing, that’s resulting in you getting clients?”

While this may appear as her taking a dig, it was actually a sincere call for help.

You see, I was in New Orleans for a business mastermind retreat when my mastermind sister asked this question.

She earns six-figures working as a senior manager for the government in DC and holds a doctoral degree in leadership. Although we were learning the same materials, she hadn’t landed a client for her work.

By this time, I already spent close to one hundred hours studying Black women’s experiences in leadership and our identity development for my Master’s thesis. Using the research to pilot my work coaching Black women professionals seeking to honor their callings.

In my new “Black Women Rise” business, I landed my first high-ticket client. A high-achieving Black woman who invested $1800 to work me over six sessions so she could strengthen her confidence and grow her business (which she did!).

I secured this client within a week of launching my business and after leading a campaign where 1,000 women joined my email list. Also, I booked a speaking engagement and a few one-time coaching sessions.

Seeing all this transpire over a two month period, Sharon had some questions. You see, she’d been working on her business for about a year with little results.

Here’s what I know for sure: When I see a highly-educated and high-achieving woman struggling in her business, I know it’s not a matter of ability. Remember, Sharon has a Ph.D. so I knew she was smart and capable.

So, what else could it be?

Here’s the truth: Struggling shows up in hidden ways.

One day, it’s a choice to handle a family problem instead of write your weekly email.

Another day, it’s a choice to not follow-up with the person who expressed interest in working with you because you feel your website isn’t ready.

It’s proclaiming, “I don’t know where to start” or believing “that won’t work for me” even though you’re the type of woman who makes a way out of no way.

These are all symptoms of a deeper issue.

Sharon had it.

Every client I’ve worked with had it.

I had it.

It’s likely you have it, too.

The issue is one of self-doubt, fear, insecurity, and mistrust taking shape within your psyche.

If you look & listen closely, you’ll actually see it. (It’s pretty boisterous when you think about.)

It’s thoughts like these, which often show up as feelings:

“Who am I to do this.”

“Nobody cares what I have to say.”

“Will anyone really pay me for this.”

“There are people already doing this and they’re better than me.”

“If I tell anyone my idea, they’ll steal it.”

“I’ll work on my business during the break.”

“Let me get certified first so I have enough experience,”

All of these are evidence of the issue.

In Sharon’s case, I saw myself.

I saw the me from two years ago who heard herself think, “Nobody cares what I have to say.” A simple thought with deep roots that arose despite me being a sought-after speaker and panelist…

Despite people telling me I needed to write a book about my life…

Despite organizations paying me to travel both nationally and internationally to teach my systems and processes for leadership development and social change.

Do you see yourself in any of this?

If yes, then please know this issue is not about your commitment.

It’s not about your ability.

It’s not even about what you want to do or who you want to serve.

It’s about you.

Not you as in the person, but you as in the inner dialogue and beliefs you unintentionally formed about yourself and what you deserve that are getting in your way.

Trust me, this isn’t the common “It’s your mindset; think abundantly” rhetoric.

I’m talking about the beliefs influencing your sense of self and who you are as well as the experiences shaping you.

Those are what require attention.

That afternoon, I let Sharon know I could help her with that.

For two months, we went on a journey together to discover what truly held her back.

We tended to it.

We healed it.

She bloomed into the next level of herself…one that already existed. She just needed a clearing and permission to come forth.

Now, you’ll find Sharon hosting national tours around her core mission.

Co-writing best-selling books with celebrities.

And traveling internationally to share her story and her frameworks.

While Sharon isn’t her actual name (to protect her anonymity), she’s indeed a real person who invested in herself and transformed her life.

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And you don’t have to do this alone.

Peace & love,


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