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Did you know: Doctors, Lawyers, PhDs, MBAs, Licensed Counselors/Therapists, Educators, and many more professionals, choose to work with Black Woman CEO because we understand how it is to be highly-educated & high-achieving and have a tad bit of insecurity when it comes to entrepreneurship.

For some, the confidence they have around their work (and education) isn’t transferring over to their businesses.

For others, they’re experienced in business but struggling to reach their next level or develop the programs/services they’re truly passionate about.

Can you relate?

What’s our solution:

We help our clients grow in their Confidence, Clarity, and Courage so they finally know…

:: Who they are and what they value.

:: Who they’ll work with and what type of services those folks need and will buy.

:: Who they need to be to showcase their expertise and show up consistently so they attract clients plus a community of folks who see them as the quintessential expert.

Coaching, Consulting, or providing professional services doesn’t have to be stressful, a time-suck, or expensive.

If you want to excel in business, you must adopt a CEO Mindset plus key business skills (such as sales, marketing, and offer development).

This is what we teach!

If you’re ready to truly get to your next level, we’ll love to support you.

Whenever you’re ready… here are 4 ways I can help you grow your premium business:

1. Join the RISE Network and connect with coaches & consultants who are growing too.

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2. Join our RISE Program and get clients.

If you’re under $5k a month right now: I’m working with a few coaches for the next 12 weeks to help them sign clients, and generate an extra $5 to $10K- without fancy funnels, expensive ads, and complicated tech. If you’d like to get more clients this month, email us with the word RISE, and I’ll get you the details-

3. Join our Design Your Premium Offer Course

If you’re ready to position yourself as a high-value expert, your business as a high-end brand, and your service as a high-ticket offer (even if you haven’t created one yet), I created this course with you in mind.

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4. Join our Infinite Content Model Workshop

If you’d like to end your frustration with content creation, this month I’m leading a group of women through a proven process to create a year’s worth of content (for any platform) that your perfect-for-you clients will love. You get instant access to course materials now, and our first live implementation session starts December 7th at 7pm EST.

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