Black Women Rise: Personal Note From Founder, Quanisha Green- Why Mindset Matters!

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Dear Educated Black Lady (yes you),

As an emerging entrepreneur, you don’t need more information. What you need is to get your mind right!

Yes, I’m getting “woo-woo” on you and I know you may instantly feel defensive. Why? 

Well, research shows that one of our downfalls is we lack engagement with self-introspective work. Although the tide is shifting, we shy away from psychology and self-examination due to our socialization…you know the whole you’re a “Strong Black Woman.”

For now, I’m not asking you to consider therapy. What I am asking is for you to consider the reason you aren’t where you want to be in business may be due to your own self-perception.

You’re smart. You’re resourceful. So, I know you’ve read the books. I know you may have invested in the coaches. Perhaps you’ve gone all the way and participated in the high-level masterminds or business incubators.

Yet, you find yourself taking one step forward, and FIVE steps back.

You find yourself confused, all over the place, and overwhelmed.

You find yourself wrestling with doubt, fear, procrastination, and uncertainty.

You even find you are comparing yourself with other entrepreneurs to the point where you’re critiquing their program structures and graphics while wondering, “why is she (this person who is obviously not as smart as you) having success and you’re still stuck without a blog, under obscurity, and with little to no clients?”

Here’s a truth: Results begin with your thoughts!

This is not my personal opinion or philosophy. This truth is rooted in a well-known research framework called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Our thoughts & beliefs impact our feelings and emotions, and they influence our actions & behaviors. Ultimately, our actions create our outcomes (i.e. results).

If you aren’t experiencing certain results, you have to backtrack and see what are the thoughts or beliefs creating your reality.

Here’s the thing about this process- it’s not easy to do on your own. It has taken me 10 years as a client and about 4 years as a practitioner to become proficient in what I call “catching the thoughts.” Gaining awareness of one’s thoughts is just step one.

You also have to examine them. After that, you have to reframe the thought so your behaviors begin to align with your desire(s).

To cement this new thought and reprogram your brain, you want a consistent mindset practice. One where you engage these new thoughts and feel higher vibrational emotions daily. As you can see, this is why change is difficult.

Sis, this could be why you aren’t making progress in your business.

Of course, effective strategy and systems are important, too. However if you haven’t implemented the step-by-step systems you’ve learned already and that you know to work based on other’s success stories, then perhaps it’s time to pop the hood and catch your thoughts.

Because I know this to be true for so many of the women who enter my orbit (as well as myself), I’ve stopped writing the traditional “how to” articles you commonly find online around business (ex. How to earn XYZ or 3 steps to your next client, etc.)

I’ve made a commitment to focus my content on mindset so you can begin to transform yours. Once we have done that, even slightly, we can then move on to discuss strategy and systems.

To become a Rockstar Black Woman CEO, you have to develop a CEO mindset where you see yourself as a professional who is committed to driving a vision and the revenue for your company. 

That is why on Day 1 of the upcoming Get Known Summer Business Bootcamp, we’re spending a WHOLE session to discuss, catch and reframe beliefs around business promotions, expertise, self-worth, and sales.

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